Class 7 GLP                                 $1500

Class 5/7       5 Lesson Package  $695    1.5 Hour Lesson $150

Defensive Driving = Knowledge + Skills + Judgment


The new GLP course will enable the student to take their final test 6 months earlier. It will include 16 hrs of classroom and 12 instructional hours in the vehicle.

Safety and responsibility are the keys to our driving instruction. Not everyone trains at the same level and we are committed to individual training to insure confidence.

Our training offers lessons to those just starting out and to those with more experience. We use two vehicles that you can choose from, a Jeep Cherokee and a Ram 1500, both of which are equipped with dual brake pedals and are also available to our students to use during their road test.

If you take two or more lessons, the vehicle you train in will be made available for you to take to your Road Test if needed and if available, for an extra fee.

We are pleased to announce that we will be adding the Graduated Licensing Program to our courses this fall, please call Haylie for further information.

Lessons will include:

• Starting, Stopping & Turning Techniques
• Controlled Braking
• Backing & Parking
• Learning to Always Leave Yourself an Out
• Control Through Intersections
• Safe Following Distances & Defensive Driving
• Sharing the Road
• Emergency Situations
• Basic Maneuvers
• Knowing Your Vehicle
• The Laws of Physics
• Winter Driving Control