Class 4          $800

The Class 4 Unrestricted license allows you to operate vans and small busses up to a capacity of 25 people. It also enables operation of Class 4 Restricted vehicles such as taxis and ambulances.

Training and Driving

You receive 4 hours one-on-one mini-bus driving and training to teach you the special skills needed to safely and responsibly drive passengers in a larger vehicle.

You also receive a 1-hour mechanical pre-trip course that teaches you hands-on techniques needed to inspect a vehicle and place it safely into service.

Training vehicle

We provide a 15 passenger van for the training and the road test.

ICBC Road Test

We book your test time, give you the equipment for the test, and coach you through pre-test nerves. ICBC takes you on a 1 -hour pre-trip and road test to pass your Class 4 Unrestricted license.


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