Class 1                                                                     $8,450

With this course we train commercial drivers to be able to operate all tractor-trailer units, from single-axle tractors and trailers to the largest 8-axle Super B units, anywhere in Canada or the United States. Class 1 drivers can also operate any Class 2 vehicle (Greyhound bus, school bus), any Class 3 vehicle (gravel truck, tandem axle truck), any Class 4 vehicle (taxi, limousine, passenger van, ambulance).

110 Hour Course which includes 48 hrs of one-on-one instruction, in and on the Tractor and Tractor/Trailers.

Training And Driving

48 hours of one-on-one time in the truck. This includes pre-trip inspections needed to safely place a vehicle in service, tractor and transmission skills, trailer and load handling, and town and highway driving experience.

(24 hours of additional observation time, if available.)

Industry-Standard Vehicles And Equipment

We train you on equipment very similar to what you will be working with in your job:

* Industry-standard, long wheelbase International tractors, powered by 500 HP Cat & Cummins engines with  18 speed transmissions.
* Industry-standard 48 ft Flat decks, loaded to 75% of legal axle weight

Truck Theory

36 hours classroom instruction that includes:

-TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)
-WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)
-Log Book Training
-ICBC Certified Air Brakes Course
-Safety Course

ICBC Road Test

2 hours for the ICBC road test. We book your test time, give you the equipment for the test, and coach you through pre-test nerves. ICBC takes you on a road test to attain your British Columbia Class 1 license.


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