Class 1 with Advanced Mountain Training                    $11,750

With this course we train commercial drivers to be able to operate all tractor-trailer units, from single-axle tractors and trailers to the largest 8-axle Super B units, anywhere in Canada and the United States. Class 1 drivers can also operate any Class 2 vehicle (Greyhound bus, school bus), any Class 3 vehicle (gravel truck, tandem axle truck), any Class 4 vehicle (taxi, limousine, passenger van, ambulance).

British Columbia roads have some of the steepest, longest, and most-snowed mountain passes in North America. We take you to the passes and teach you proper technique for steep grades, long hills, and rough weather. This is the training your employer wants you to have. The Class 1 Commercial Driver Course with advanced mountain training is designed to place you with the highest caliber of employer. Graduates from our course regularly go direct from our school to driving the heaviest of the Super-Trains.

110 Hour Course which includes 72 hrs of one-on-one instruction, in and on the Tractor and Tractor/Trailers.

In Truck Training And Driving

48 hours of one-on-one time in the truck. This includes pre-trip inspections needed to safely place a vehicle in service, tractor and transmission skills, trailer and load handling, and town and highway driving experience.

Advanced Mountain Training

Day One –  Cranbrook – Golden – Return to Cranbrook

Day Two – Cranbrook – Castlegar – Return to Cranbrook, weather dependent, it will also include Castlegar – Rosland – Trail

20 – 22 hours over some of the steepest and longest mountain passes in North America. You will be taught road management, how to descend grades safely and effectively, scale crossing procedures and correct log book usage.

Industry-Standard Vehicles And Equipment

We train you on equipment very similar to what you will be working with in your job:

* Industry-standard, long wheelbase International tractors, powered by 500 HP Cat & Cummins engines with 18 speed transmissions.
* Industry-standard 48 ft Flat decks, loaded to 75% of legal axle weight

Truck Theory

36 hours classroom instruction that includes:

  1. *ICBC Certified Air Brakes Course
  2. *Safety Course
  3. *Log Book Training
  4. *TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)
  5. *WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)

ICBC Road Test

2 hours for the ICBC road test We book your test time, give you the equipment for the test, and coach you through pre-test nerves. ICBC takes you on a road test to attain your British Columbia Class 1 license.

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