Class 1 – MELT                    150 hrs                    $15,750


Mandatory Entry Level Training has become the new standard of training in British Columbia. It requires each person who wishes to get a Class 1 Commercial Drivers License to take the training as mandated by ICBC for a minimum amount of hours from an ICBC Certified Driving School. Pro-Drivers exceeds the standards as outlined by them.

50 hrs of Classroom, including Air Brakes, Defensive Driving, Professional Driving Habits, Overview of the Trucking Industry,Vehicle Components and Systems, Documentation, Hours of Service and much more.

20 hrs of In-Yard Around the Vehicle

20 hrs of Off-Road Maneuvers

54 hrs of On-Road Driving Time

6 hrs Practical Flex Time, to be used for the best benefit of the Student.

This course will include, Pre-trips, Chaining, Backing, Coupling & Sliding, Bob-Tailing, Empty Trailer Control & Fully loaded Trailer Handling, and our Signature Advanced Mountain Training.

This course has been approved by ICBC and ready for training.

Please call Tammy for your start and end date, and more information on the course.