ProDrivers Does NOT cancel courses due to minimum enrollment.


ICBC Certified Air Brake Course                    $289.00

During the 16-hr classroom portion of this course, we will build a working air brake system from the ground up. The 4-hour pre-trip portion provides hands-on instruction in air brake pre-trip techniques, as well as brake adjustment procedures.

We will travel to your site to deliver Air Brakes, please call us for further information.

All Air Brakes Courses are taught by an ICBC Certified Rocky Mountain Pro Drivers instructor.

If you take Air Brakes with us, and then take further commercial driver training, the full amount of the course will be credited back to you. If you have taken Air Brakes with anyone else, we will deduct the fee and you may Audit the course, which we encourage as much of our Air Brakes course is based on our in-vehicle training, at no fee.

Please call Tammy at the Cranbrook Office to register for all Air Brakes Courses



                      2020 Cranbrook Air Brake Dates



January 24 – 26 February 28 – March 1
March 27 – 29 April 24 – 26
May 22 – 24 June 26 – 28
July 24 – 26 August 28 – 30
September 25 – 27 October 23 – 25
November 27 – 29 December 18 – 20