About You

Sure, we have an “About Us” button, but at ProDrivers the “About You” is more important, because your future is our main concern. We believe we understand why you come here. Most would think you come to get a Class 1 license, but our basic philosophy is that you want to be able to have a conversation.

And that is the conversation you want to have with your future employer.

If you have already spoken with a trucking firm there’s a pretty good chance they said “Go get your license, and then come back and talk to us”. In other words, get trained and they will have a conversation with you about working for them.

The level of training you get, and not all Driving Schools are equal, is going to determine how good the conversation will be. And you want to have a good conversation, and certainly one that is better than all of the rest of applicants for the job you want. It is a tough job market out there as you all know.

We will endeavor to make it possible so you can have the best conversation you can. How do we do it? Well, it comes down to our philosophies.


We are absolute nuts on the subject. We don’t have a safety officer; everyone in the company, employees and students, are equal safety officers. No one can override another person, no matter who they are, when it comes to safety. Our policy is ZERO tolerance to injury or collision. For example, if a student sees an Instructor outside without their safety vest on, not only can they tell them to go get it, they are required to – and the instructor cannot argue with them if they do.

This is not a school this is a job

When you are done with the training you are going to go out the door and look for work, so let’s start to work the moment you come in our door. You will not be treated like a student so much as like an employee, with all the obligations that go along with it.

The easiest 2 hours you will spend in our equipment is the Road Test

Think of it this way. If you are going to train to run a race for 100 meters carrying a 10 kilogram bag, how you train is to run 110 meters carrying a 15 kilogram bag. In other words, you always train harder for the event than the actual event. It is why we have such a high pass ratio at the first road test. We turn the road test into a non-event. Almost every single student we teach says “That was it??” when they are done the road test. Many are disappointed that it was not harder.

Good food takes time, so do Professional Drivers

It takes time to make good food, and it takes time to make good Professional drivers. And that is why our basic Class 1 is 48 hours with the equipment and our Class 1 with Advanced Mountain Training is 72 hrs, not including Classroom time. It is just not possible to get the training you need in less. Yes, I know there are courses that take less time, and cost less, but what do you want to eat, fast food or good food?

You don’t come to ProDrivers to learn to drive

You already know how to drive. You have a driver’s license, right? You also will have a Class 1 learner’s license. Many even have a motorcycle license. No, we aren’t going to teach you how to drive. We are going to help you to learn to think in a way that you have not used before. Everyone of our students when they are done say that most of the time we spend with them is not on driving, but on thinking. You don’t drive up and down a mountain pass, you think your way over it. And that is what we are going to work on. That is why it takes the hours we train for, and that simply cannot be done in 25 to 30 hrs.

We use real world equipment in real world settings

Just by changing our license plates and insurance on our tractors we could run 140,000 lb super trains. We had one set up to do just that, and it ran for Glen Transport for 4 months several summers ago. We train you on International Tractors with 500 hp Cummins or Cat engines and 18 speed transmissions. We use  48 foot flat decks with full loads on them. On the Mountain Training we run over some of the longest and steepest mountain passes in North America. The Tractors are set up for all weather training with ProHeat and chains for the Winter. We don’t believe in short wheelbase tractors, short wheelbase trailers and light loads. We keep classroom to a minimum and driving to a maximum. We don’t believe in flash and bang, we believe in the real McCoy. We have only one day in a Classroom setting, other than Air Brakes, as we truly believe that the best way to learn to drive a truck is to “get into a truck and drive it”, with very experienced Truck Drivers who know how to teach you the skills you will need for serious employment possibilities and for safety.

Our course is not easy

But taking into account the money and time you are putting into it, do you really want it any other way? This is your future we are talking about. It will require an investment of time, money and sweat to get the best result.

ProDrivers is not for everyone. It is hard work, expensive and demanding. But if you are the type of person who demands a lot from yourself, a lot from the people you hire to train you, and a lot for your future – then you have come to the right place.

We won’t disappoint.