• We are pleased to announce that ProDrivers is ICBC certified to deliver the Class 1 MELT (Mandatory Entry Level Training). Please call Tammy to discuss your Professional Driver Training needs…

  • … we will be doing a course each and every month… all of our classroom courses will be taught in-class, and all of our driving lessons will be in and on the Vehicles…

  • …Our belief at ProDrivers is that the best way to learn how to drive a truck, is by driving the truck… we do not have simulators, and all of our classroom courses are taught in small group settings inside an actual classroom… and not online.

  • We are pleased to announce that our Class 5/7 GLP Course is now in full swing and we will be delivering it on a regular basis. With completion of this course, the student will be able to take their final full Class 5 road test six months earlier than the normal waiting period…


  • …At ProDrivers we believe in training you in the vehicle you will most likely drive when you are done… to that end, we have a Jeep Cherokee, a Ram 1500 and a 5 Passenger Hyundai Elantra as our training vehicles. Of course, all are available for students to take their Road Tests in.

  • Office Hours

    Monday to Thursdays 10 – 4

    Fridays 10 – 3

  • Please note that effective January 1st, 2023 all of our course prices will increase. Please call Tammy for full details.

  • Air Brakes in Cranbrook


        Please call the office to find out when our next Air Brakes courses are.

    ProDrivers does NOT cancel courses due to minimum enrolment.