• We are expecting the new Minimum Entry Level Training program  (MELT) to be implemented in early 2020. The roll out date has not yet been published, but once it has there will be a significant change in the prices of our courses, as we will then have to deliver the hours of training as mandated by the Provincial Government. If you are seriously considering taking your commercial driver training course, we would strongly suggest you come into the office, or phone us, to understand how this Government change will effect the cost of your Commercial Driver Training.

  • Our office is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

  • Air Brakes in Cranbrook


    Sept 27-29      Oct 25-27      Nov 23-25      Dec 13-15

    ProDrivers does NOT cancel courses due to minimum enrollment.

  • “You Start Monday”

    ProDrivers has start dates available for your Class 1, Class 3 and Class 4.

    Call Tammy to set up an appointment to discuss our training.

    Its a great idea to come in and look at our Job board which has 20+ job postings.

  • Creston Air Brakes

    We will be teaching in Creston another Air Brakes course this fall.

    Please call Tammy for full details.

  • Our belief at ProDrivers is that the best way to learn how to drive a truck,

    is by driving the truck.

  • ProDrivers has a continuing intake for Class 5, Novice and Learners lessons.

    Please call Tammy to book your lessons.