• We are pleased to announce that our Class 5/7 GLP Course has been approved for the Pilot Program which is to be held in May. Once it has received full approval we will be delivering it on a regular basis. With completion of this course, the student will be able to take their final full Class 5 road test six months earlier than the normal waiting period.  There will be a limited amount of students for the Pilot Program so please call Haylie for more information.


  • It is possible that the new Minimum Entry Level Training program  (MELT) will be implemented sometime in early 2021… It has already been implemented in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario… The roll out date has not yet been published, but once it has, we anticipate a significant change in the prices of our courses, as we will then have to deliver the hours of training as mandated by the Provincial Government. If you are seriously considering taking your commercial driver training course, we would strongly suggest you come into the office, or phone us, to understand how this Government change will effect the cost of your Commercial Driver Training.

  • At ProDrivers we believe in training you in the vehicle you will most likely drive when you are done… to that end, we have added a Jeep Cherokee and a Ram 1500 to our training vehicles.

    Please call Haylie to discuss your Professional Driver Training.

  • Our office is open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm.